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We currently have over 350 different people and projects on our database. They are organised across 16 sustainability themes and assigned to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Investing Sustainably Matters

Investing Sustainably Matters

In the E4S Sustainable Finance Regulation Series, research associates Florence Hugard and Alisa Gessler, together with their team, unravel the pivotal role of corporate disclosures in sustainable finance. Discover how global regulations, from the EU's comprehensive rules to evolving US and Swiss frameworks, are shaping a transparent and sustainable financial landscape. 

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A Global Shift in Sustainability Reporting

A Global Shift in Sustainability Reporting

In his research, Prof. Florian Hoos investigates the forthcoming global transition to mandatory sustainability reporting alongside financial standards, marking a historic shift. It explores challenges, governance strategies for ESG dimensions, and the leverage of this shift for competitive advantage through new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and enhanced performance measurement.

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Tree Solutions for Urban Heat Islands

Tree Solutions for Urban Heat Islands

EPFL Prof. Christoph Bachofen and team are researching how tree transpiration and shading can mitigate urban heat islands, which pose serious health risks during heatwaves. By measuring tree sap flow and canopy microclimate in urban areas like Geneva and the EPFL, they aim to understand how different tree species can cool urban environments, informing city planners on effective mitigation strategies.

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We’ve been working across UNIL, IMD and EPFL to create a network of the leading experts and organisations in sustainability. This map is continually evolving and growing and we’re always looking for the latest research and innovation projects. Is there someone missing? Let us know.

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Where does the data come from?

From you! We’ve been working with the experts leading sustainability and innovation projects across UNIL, IMD and EPFL, including researchers, professors, and sustainability units and labs. We are also working with our partners across the three campuses to find the projects and people who are taking a lead in protecting our planet and society.

Profiles included in the Portal fit the same definition of sustainability:
To ensure human well-being across generations, as well as the stability of ecosystems. Following the Doughnut Economics Model, this means keeping the impact of all human activity within the ecological limits of the planet, while ensuring equity and basic needs for all.


Who’s behind the portal?

Building a community like this takes the passion and dedication of many different organisations. We’re supported by the Enterprise for Society Center, CLIMACT, as well as the UNIL Competence Center in Sustainability, IMD and the EPFL Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation, Vice Presidency for Innovation and Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs.