What is the primary objective of the Sustainability Portal?

The Sustainability Portal aims to foster collaboration and synergy among researchers, academicians, startups, and student associations across UNIL, IMD and EPFL. By creating a common ground for sharing sustainability projects, the portal seeks to facilitate efforts in addressing environmental and societal challenges at a systemic level.

How can I contribute to the Sustainability Portal?

If you are a part of UNIL, IMD or EPFL and are actively engaged in a research or innovation project contributing to a more sustainable society, you can create a profile on the Portal for yourself or your organisation. Here, you can share your current projects, contact others working on similar or complementary topics, and potentially foster new initiatives.   

Are there any guidelines for the kind of projects that can be featured on the Sustainability Portal?

Yes, projects featured on the Sustainability Portal should directly contribute to advancing sustainability, as defined by the principles of ensuring human well-being across generations and maintaining the ecological balance of the planet in line with the Doughnut Economics Model.

Can I collaborate with individuals outside of my institution through the Sustainability Portal?

Absolutely, the Sustainability Portal encourages cross-collaborations between individuals and groups across UNIL, EPFL, and IMD. The goal is to foster a vibrant community where knowledge sharing and collaborative effort toward sustainability are paramount. To help this, every person owning a profile on the Sustainability Portal will access the contact details of the other members. 

Are there opportunities for startups on the Sustainability Portal?

Yes, startups that are university spin-offs less than three years old, have a place on the Sustainability Portal. These startups can engage with the portal to find collaborative opportunities, gain visibility, and connect with academic researchers and experts in the field of sustainability.

Is there a way to receive updates on new projects or collaborations from the Sustainability Portal?

Yes, by creating a profile on the Sustainability Portal, you can stay abreast of the latest projects, collaborations, and updates from the community. You will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and groups actively working towards fostering sustainability.